Ounce Online

Ounce Online is the online version of The Ounce Scale, an authentic research-based performance assessment for children birth to three and a half years.

Designed with early childhood educators in mind, this easy-to-use system will connect each component of the Ounce Scale and streamline the assessment process.

Ounce Online will save your program money and time.

  • Spend less and have access to all Ounce components and more: Observation Records, Development Profiles, and Class Summaries.
  • Save time on record keeping: Ounce Online automatically tracks and manages children's age levels - one annual subscription covers all of the age levels for the entire year.

Ounce Online will help to make your program more effective.

  • Enables teachers to enter personalized information while offering a variety of reporting options
  • Streamlines data entry and improves validity of ratings by allowing teachers to input Developmental Profile ratings while simultaneously viewing observation notes and standards
  • Facilitates communication with families by providing portions of the Family Album online
  • Allows teachers to create and print observation records and class summaries of children's development

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